Here's a message who provided some useful pointers which I've already used in the new draft and his message trashes the script at the same time.


Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 14:30:10 -0700
From: john doe <b@byteme.com>
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To: t3armageddon@usa.net
Subject: OH MY GOD!

I see you're an asipiring writer. I recommend the following books to you: "How to Write a Script." One my fav's: "Scriptwriting for Kids." You'll love it! And last: "How to be Original: A One Step Program."

Sorry, bud, but not only is the script SCREAMING amateur, but right off the bat it's cliche. Your description includes camera angles -- which it shouldn't. That's the Directors job, just like writing too many parentheticals for actor's lines takes away THEIR job. "WE", the third-person approach of script writing, is almost always a NO. It detracts the auidence effect on the reader. There are exceptions, of course.

Now the part with the "instant" leather jacket and sunglasses? Come on. You're tiring me down with this -- I almost don't have the energy to write this! I can't even move the mouse to click on to the second page. Also, you're writing in a SHOOTING SCRIPT format. NO, NO, NO! That's when the script's been PURCHASED - and that's when the production team breaks the script down. For now, since I do have the eeire feeling you won't give up on this sinking ship, write it without scene numbers, etc. You're going to have to do a lot more to impress me than with



Here's another message with a person who's degenerates their message to the point of expletives and they didn't even use their e-mail address to take responsibility for what they said.

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What kind of f**kin' weed were you smoke when you wrote this pile if sh*t? Maybe you should try trippin' before you write your next script, you might actually have an original idea, but then the dialogue would still suck. Well nice try you unoriginal f**k! So waht's next, Star trek soft porn? Guess what, that's already been done too and I'll bet it's better than any crap you'd come up with.

I almost forgot, a**hole.

YOU'RE DUMB!!!!!!!!!
For those of you at the University of Minnesota, the person who wrote the message on a library computer using a Macintosh with a Netscape browser with the ID number being x237-171


Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 15:35:32 +0100
From: Ben <cm5isbw@cr47c.staffs.ac.uk>
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To: terminator3@its-a-free-world.com
Subject: Your script sucks

I have read the first fourty pages of your amusing script for T3. I hope it never gets to Mr. Cameron in case there is a slight possibility that he does make it. If he did make it I do not doubt that it will be an embarrassing "straight-to-video" experience.

The ideas are wholly improbably, not a problem in science fiction I hear you whine, well ther has to be some sort of coherence and at least partial feasiblity in order to make the whole thing work. Another point is that if you are trying to write a sequel you must not contradict the style of the previous pieces simply to create ridiculous affects that will ultimately detract from what little fluency and literary input you have made.

Therefore I feel you should make a further attempt at your script, baring in mind Realism, Feasibility and, most importantly, try and avoid third rate dialogue.

Yours faithfully Tom Canning BA. Head of film studies at Oxford University.

If you would like any further comments feel free to contact me at the
following e-mail address: Dontomato@hotmail.com


Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 16:49:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: Fexis321@aol.com
To: t3armageddon@usa.net
Subject: oh man..

I'm really sorry man, but you know ABSOLUTELY nothing about script writing. If you spent any amount of time with a book (preferably one about script writing) in your hand and not a damn remote, you would be ashamed of your so called 'Script'. My advice to you my friend, spend your hard-earned money on a good lighter -try not to get the child proof kind, wouldn't want you any more confused then you already are- and burn all remnants of that awful thing. Then, write something original AFTER you learn the right format.


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From: John Doe <Agent69@fbi.gov>
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To: t3armageddon@usa.net
Subject: Regarding Your Script
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Myself being a HUGE Terminator Fan, I must admit your script is an absolute JOKE. I couldn't get past the first page without feeling nauseous. Please, don't even call this shit you wrote The T3 Script. Its a disgrace to the Terminator movies. Yes, James Cameron did leave the ending to T2 open to a third sequal.(Why do you think he cut out the original ending which is now in the Terminator 2 Special edition movie) So Let him write the next script!! Go back to finding Capacitive Reactance and stay out of the script writing business.

Note: the author of the above message commited a federal offense when he used a fake address with the affix fbi.gov. I'm sure Agents Mulder and Scully from the X-files will be knocking on his door. :-)

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 22:41:51 +0100
From: Dougie Carlson <dougie@mailbox.co.uk>
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To: t3armageddon@usa.net
Subject: T3

I'm afraid your script is lacking in many ways:

1.) Cheesy lines
2.) Poor opening
3.) To little new ideas.
4.) Very poor "Saver app" idea. If you had a clue about computers youd know that that is impossible.
5.) Completely unbelievable in the way that te event is exactly the same. Even if they did recover the files, htere is no way that there'd be so much interest due to the bad rep gained from the destruction of the labs.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Stop beating your chest you'll bruise it. This doesn't have a cent on Cameron's wonderful storyline. We are talking about a bigger screw up than Alien3 ok? Try again when youre out of school huh?


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 00:51:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: HydroxyAp@aol.com
To: t3armageddon@usa.net
Subject: t3

Since James Cameron has made it clear that Terminator 3: Whatever Its Called will be one of his upcoming projects and he will be using his own original script why don't you try writing something original and stop putting all of your energy into a derivative script that will never see the light of day.

Dennis T.
The author says the script will never see the light of day, then why are so many people on the internet interested in reading the script?
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 22:13:26 +1200
From: Bruce Edward Haggett <bruce.haggett@xtra.co.nz>
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To: terminator3@its-a-free-world.com
Subject: your crumby script sucks

dear lionel,

I would like to say just how much I totally loathed your exceptionally feeble attempt at writing a script for the successful Terminator series.It was so basic and rudimentary that a 3 year old could have done a better job. Go work at McDonalds.
Love Deidre.