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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 21:05:37 -0500
To: terminator3@its-a-free-world.com
From: jack@atlanta.com (Jack Foy)
Subject: Quantum Time Theory


As I understand the theory, multiple timelines are generated every time an event takes place (all of the possible outcomes of this event really do happen; we're only aware of the outcome that happened in our reality.) When the first T-101 came back in time (and Reese followed it) a new timeline was created. One timeline isn't instantly converted to another, so Sarah and John wouldn't necessarily change if they had averted the nuclear disaster. T and Reese, therefore, didn't necessarily come from_our_ timeline - but the chances are good. Why?

Four reasons. First, the photo that Reese had of Sarah was taken after his death - proving that he came from a timeline at least descended from ours. Second, Skynet was designed from chips based on the T processor - proving that Skynet exists in a timeline descended from ours (or another timeline in which T also appeared.) Third (less scientific), the writers provide clues that the nuclear mess is still in our future. Kyle says that John is "about my height", indicating he's probably the father. The old Mexican at the end of T1 says there's a storm coming, and Sarah says, "I know." (I think that this is why Sarah is in the desert - she knows she must escape Armageddon to raise John.)

Fourth (and most telling), at the beginning of T2 Sarah cites an exact date
for the holocaust (sometime in August, 1997). _Kyle_never_gives_her_a_date_ for the war! He just says that there was one.

Hope some of this helps in the development of the script -- I'm going to go
read it now. Good luck on the legal front.


P.S. Chances are that the voice-overs at the beginning and end of T2 are
excerpts from the tapes that we see Sarah recording at the end of T1 -
maybe an important point if you're trying to figure out the chronology.