T-INFINITY is the computer which controls Sky-Net, the data gathering satellite system build in the late 1990's to replace the over-used Global Positioning System presently used by the masses with their GPS locators.

The purpose of T-INFINITY is to coordinate all incoming data from Sky-Net, the Arpanet and the Internet in order for it to learn from all forms of data for tatcial and logical operations. The heart of T-INFINITY is the T-INFINITY microprocessor developed at Digital Integrated industries a Subsidiary of Cyberdyne Systems. It is the same neural net processor which has been installed in early models of the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, known as the T-70.


T-70, developed at White Sands Testing Range in New Mexico is the first of many generations of endoskeleton machines to be created to alleviate the shortage of military personell from lack of recruitment during peacetime and the loss of physically fit soldiers due to complications from the Gulf War Syndrome. In case a major war breaks out, the T-70's will be the first offensive weapon to be used in battle.