alt.alien.research -- discuss the research of aliens in this newsgroup. Perhaps they really are hiding aliens at AREA-51.

alt.alien.visitors -- A newsgroup to discuss the arrival of aliens from another planet

alt.paranet.ufo -- a USENET UFO discussion news group. Report your recent UFO experience.

AUFORA - Alberta UFO Research Association - a group from Alberta, Canada that studies UFO's. Maybe they can figure out of there are real INDEPENDENCE DAY aliens coming to get us.

COMMUNION HOMEPAGE -- the official homepage of Whitley Streiber.

EXTRATERRESTIAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITY PAGE -- a page dealing with Extraterrestials. This is Pat Buchanans hell; in stead of worrying about illegal immigrants, now he's fighting aliens from space with the arrival of INDEPENDENCE DAY.

FACE ON MARS PAGE -- A page relating to the face on Mars. Could there be aliens still living on Mars? Perhaps the face was built as part of an entrapment conspiracy. We get curious enough to visit Mars to investigate the face which gives them an excuse to Attack us like in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

-- A comet that's heading toward Earth in 1997. Behind it is a large UFO that's 4 times the size of this planet and there's a picture at the ART BELL site of "the Saturn like object" as it moved from behind Hale-Bopp. Are we being invaded like in the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY? You better run for the hills now before your cities largest landmark is zapped by a laser beam and cars begin tumbling down your street on a wave of fire.

NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER -- have you seen a UFO flying over your neighborhood. Report the little green men to this site and hope they don't blow up your city like in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

NAZI UFO PAGE -- take a trip to Hyperbole (Antartica) to see where Hitler hid all the Foo Fighters after WWII. It only costs you $9999 for a ticket.

SETI INSTITUTE -- Search for ExtraTerrestial Intelligence. I wonder if they found any vibrations in space like the radio telescope guys in INDEPENDENCE DAY?

SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL -- A page dedicated to the watching of the skies all over the world for UFO's.