Mister New World Order -- George Herbert Walker Bush


Branch Davidian compound in Waco - April 19th 1993

ASHES OF WACO -- The book that covers the raid on the Branch Davadian Complex in Waco, Texas on April 19th, 1993. Plenty of REAL AUDIO sound files of conversations between the FBI and the Branch Davidians.

THE ANTI-CANADA PAGE -- Clean streets. Polite People. All a front to lull the U.S. into a trap? The Canadian agression is building.


BATF -- The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The Keystone cops who shot up the Branch Davidians in Waco and watched as the FBI burned the building to the ground according to the Militias.

BIG BROTHER'S CHECKLIST -- A list of all the technological items that are in use by Big Brother.

THE BILDERBERGERS -- The secret group that controls all politicians, the media and the rich.

BILDERBERGER LINKS -- A link page with links to plenty of Bilderberger related sites and who they are and how they're connected to the New World Order.

BLACK HELICOPTERS ARE REAL!! -- An article claims the black helicopters belong to Uncle Sam (The Government) and not the U.N. Is the article a disinformation propaganda piece?

BLACK HELICOPTER ARTICLES -- articles relating to Black Helicopters hidden all over America.

BLACK HELICOPTERS OVER AMERICA -- The book by Jim Keith. What are the black helicopters up to? Are they bringing in U.N. troops?

BLACK HELICOPTER PICTURES -- See the photos the U.S. Government doesn't want you to see. There's a pic of a helicopter landing at a future detention camp in Pennsylvania.

BLACK HELICOPTERS - WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? -- a teenager is chased by a black helicopter, reports it to a local sheriff. The Sheriff checks out the story and is basically told by the Feds to "shut up". Creepy ain't it?

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY - These guys are probably planting a data interceptor in your modem to get the goods on you.

CHICAGO COUNCIL OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS -- The Chicago branch of the Council of Foreign Affairs. Is it a front for the Council on Foreign Relations?

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE NWO -- Find out how the Council of Foreign Relations plans to take over the U.S. through banking. The most famous member in immediate memory is obviously Ex-President of the U.S. George Bush who said after the Gulf War there is to be a New World Order. Another famous member is FDR and his new deal CFR programs.

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS -- CONTROL OF THE MEDIA -- Read this page to see how the CFR controls the media.

EAGLENET - A Citizens site against the NWO, it even has stuff on UFO abductions as well. Is the Foreign Occupational Government made up of space aliens?

ELEMENTS OF PROOF -- The conspiracy to use Executive Order 11490 to suspend the Constitution, abolish Congress, declare Martial Law and put the U.S. into the NWO.

FBI -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI agents are probably watching every file you upload and download at this moment. Are Agents Scully and Mulder from the X-FILES on the other site of the web page?

FED UP WITH THE FEDS -- an article describing how the Federal Reserve "steals" money from the U.S. Treasury. An illuminating financial document.

FEMA -- Federal Emergency Management Agency. The government agency the militias believe to be building detention camps for patriots after the U.N. invasion.

FEMA - DICTATORSHIP POSSIBLE HERE -- see this page for the FEMA conspiracy to turn America into a Dictatorship.

FEMA - THE SECRET GOVERNMENT -- a researched article by Harry V. Martin, discussing three times FEMA tried to suspend the U.S. Constitution, once in 1984 under Ronald Reagan, in 1990 under George Bush before the Gulf War and in 1992 during the Los Angeles Riots.

FEMA - THE U.S. SHADOW GOVERNMENT -- What is the real news about Mount Weather, the bunker complex outside of Washington D.C.? Is is part of the complex of underground bases all over America?

FREE AMERICA -- A web site by patriot Harry V. Martin. Plenty of interesting info on the New World Order, FEMA, Black Helicopters and other totalitarian stuff.

GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH -- Biography of Mr. New World Order himself. See picture above.

GEORGE BUSH AND COCAINE -- A page describing the connections between George Bush, Ollie North, the Contras and the pushing of Cocaine into America.

H.A.A.R.P. -- the official military site for the High frequency Active Auroral Research Project. Used for mind control of people in the Northern Hemisphere for establishment of the NWO?

THE ILLUMINATI - yes they control everything you do. They know when you last surfed the net, when you last rented a video, when you did it, when you used the can, they know everything.

THE ILLUMIANTI AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER -- a web site by a Doc Marquis who claims he was a member of the Illuminati and is now a born again Christian.

ILLUMINATI RESEARCH -- A page with plenty of information and related sites to the Illuminati. Could the author of the page be a member?

LITTLE BLACK HELICOPTER PAGE -- the homepage of the nortorius black U.N. helicopters.

MARK OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER -- A book and videotape available at this site describing the plan to use Biochips to control everyone's buying and selling. Get your right hand and forehead ready for the number 666.

MIND CONTROL FORUM PAGE -- a page with plenty of information on Mind Control. Perhaps the CIA's MK-ULTRA and the recent Crack allegations are part of the New World Order.

MILITIA WATCHDOG SITE -- is this a site run by the NWO to harass militias? Check it out and see if your local militia is targeted for a black helicopter attack.

MOUNT WEATHER AND UNDERGROUND BASES -- A detailed page on Underground bases hiding the New World Orders' "Foreign Occupational Government".

THE NEW WORLD ORDER PAGE - (for those of you who believe in the NWO.

NEW WORLD ORDER - BILLY JACKSON'S PAGE -- A web page briefly discussing the New World Order. He provides a link to his Geocities Site.

NOVADYNE COMPUTER SERVICES INTEGRATION -- Located at 11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston, VA 22091. Are they part of the Executive Order 11490 conspiracy? They also have a service relating to the Millenium 00 error in all computers.

THE OFFICE OF HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS -- was this really a government conspiracy to make a breed of mutants to wipe out the human race or to poison us all? Check it out.

THE PROPHECY CLUB VIDEOS -- A site with conspiracy videos on the coming New World Order.

THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION - The conspiracy of the wealthy, rich and famous to control the world through money. A wide range of members from Hollywood celebertites, politicians to top level government bureaucrats. Perhaps James Cameron is a member. ;-)

-- The orgainzation that's planning on destroying the soverginty of the United States according to Militia people. Do you see any soldiers in teal colored helmets outside your house? This is allegedly the HQ of the "Foreign Occupational Government - FOG".

WACO SITE at PBS -- Plenty of pictures, sound files and other info on Waco, the Branch Davidians and David Koresh. Perhaps a dis-information propaganda front?

-- According to militia people it's the center of the Freemasonic, Illuminati, Weishauptian, Rockefellerian, Bilderbergian, Totalitarian, Fascist, Communist, New World Order conspiracy.

-- an international Fascist Conspiracy to destroy Freedom of Speech for Billions of people and destroy the Net's soverginty as an entity. See the Fascist Legislation They're Proposing!