The links you are about to visit lead to sites you're not allowed to see which involve a subject the United States Government denies the existence of; AREA-51 and it's sister base S-4. Proceed with caution because the Men in Black may be knocking on your door soon.

alt.conspiracy.area51 -- a USENET newsgroup dedicated to the ongoing conspiracy of AREA-51.

alt.folklore.military -- discuss different military conspiracies including AREA-51 on this news group.

AREA 51 BBS HOMEPAGE -- An Area-51 Bulletin Board based in Texas. Lots of Area-51 stuff on this site. Even the greys have infiltrated the page.

AREA 51 (GROOM LAKE) -- A small page with a great UFO pic.

AREA 51 SITE -- HIGH SECURITY ENTRANCE -- pictures of AREA 51 and surrounding areas. There's even an INDEPENDENCE DAY MONUMENT in Rachel, Nevada.

AREA 51 RESEARCH CENTER -- all available information on AREA-51. Maybe they're hiding one of the INDEPENDENCE DAY UFO's out there. Research at AREA-51 paid for with $20,000 toilet seats and $500 screwdrivers.

BOB LAZAR -- The man who allegedly worked on a UFO at S-4 near Groom Lake. This site has many great pictures, including a UFO flying over Nellis Air Force Base.

ELEMENT 115 -- the element that allegedly powers UFO's at AREA-51. Makes you wonder what else is out there?

THE FOO FIGHTERS - UFO AND RELATED ANOMALIES -- A site with information on Foo Fighters(not the rock band) and related things. It's known that after the collapse of Germany at the end of World War II, secret Nazi technology like the Foo Fighters were moved to U.S. Air Force Bases and eventually to AREA-51.

GROOM LAKE DESERT RAT - find out what's going on at AREA-51 in Nevada. Wonder what kind of 1990's Foo Fighters are being built there?

GROOM LAKE (AREA-51) PICTURES -- A few Black and White pictures of Groom Lake taken in 1978 as well as a 1968 satellite image of the area. These are pictures the U.S. Government doesn't want you to see. See them anyways.

ID4 - Independence Day -- the aliens are coming to earth to blow up our cities. The White House gets fried, New York gets flattened. Area 51 seems to be our only hope. Run for the hills!!!

LAZAR S-4 SPACECRAFT -- a site with a good picture of what the S-4 UFO looks like.

PRESIDENT CLINTON AND AREA-51 -- a site that shows a document signed by President Clinton exempting AREA-51 from inspection by various government departments. Do you smell an executive conspiracy? Is our leader working with the Greys?

SKUNK WORKS -- A page dedicated to the top secret projects built by the U.S. Government. The F-117 Stealth fighter was tested at AREA-51 before it was unveiled.

SMITTY'S UFO PAGE -- has a great color pic of Area-51. A little fuzzy but you can make out the base.

U.S. GOVERNMENT CRAFT AND RETREIVED UFO'S -- some neat artwork of UFO's at Roswell, AREA-51 and other places. Includes artwork of what Nazi Foo Fighters looked like.