DID THE FREEMASONS KILL KENNEDY? -- read the startling information on who killed Kennedy and how European Secret socities were involved. From "Behold a Pale Horse" by Milton William Cooper.

JFK ASSASINATION HOMEPAGE -- the site where you can look up all the information on the JFK assasination. Who do you think did it? Was Oswald a Patsy or did he work for some super secret organization? What was Jack Ruby's motivation in shooting Oswald, to protect the Illuminati?

JFK RESOURCES ONLINE -- A page with plenty of pictures and links of the Assassination of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby shooting Oswald.

"I'm just a Patsy!" - Lee Harvey Oswald

JACK RUBY -- Was Jack Ruby just a small time mobster or was he some sort of intelligence agent?

ORION AND DEALEY PLAZA -- A website that shows a relationship between the constellation of Orion and Dealey Plaza. A site made by a very paranoid person.

OSWALDS HOUSE FOR SALE -- the house formerly occupied by Lee Harvey Oswald is for sale. If you want to buy a part of JFK conspiracy memorbelia, click on this link.

SECRETS OF A HOMICIDE: THE JFK ASSASSINATION -- a web page with a videotape of a 3-D animation of Dealey Plaza. A must see.

THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION - A page by John McAdams. His page actually believes in the Warren Commission and the "magic bullet theory".

THE CIA JFK PAGE -- Another page of information on the JFK assassination, including a timeline on the assassination.

THE SIXTH FLOOR MUSEUM -- the homepage of the Sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas, where Oswald "allegedly shot" Kennedy in his Motorcade according to the Warren Commission.